Darkest Raven Designs is a company owned and run by talented Western Australian artist, Chantal Wilson. We specialise in graphic design, art prints, postcards, logo design, custom prints, hand drawn artwork and theatrical props.

Chantal is the Creative Director of Darkest Raven Designs and creates every piece by hand or digitally with her computer. All her work is unique and includes her personal style and flair.

Before settling in Success, Western Australia, Chantal grew up in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Much of her childhood was spent drawing and creating art in various forms. After she completed high school she went into project administration and stopped drawing for a while. However, she continued her artist pursuits in other forms, mostly in the crafting space with a heavy focus on crochet.

When she moved to Australia, the drawing came back to the forefront and her portfolio continues to expand into both new concepts and new mediums.

In 2017, Chantal decided it was time to become more serious about her artwork and opened her first online store through Etsy. Now Chantal sells her artwork locally and online as well as contributing pieces to charitable causes.

Chantal loves to create, putting her heart and soul into every piece. Her vision is to bring light, life and love into people's lives through her art.